PGM-FI: economical motorcycles injection best price honda

8 Mar 2012

sepeda motor injeksi irit harga terbaik cuma honda or PGM-FI: economical motorcycles injection best price honda just re-select the country of Thailand to launch Motorcycles Clik type as the first motor that uses global engine 125 injection honda ESP.

or abbreviation of the word ESP are: echanced (forefront), Smart (sensitivity and precision), and Power (power).

ESP technology is chosen as the liquid-cooled engines are environmentally friendly, more powerful, fuel efficient and have the ACG starter technology - technology that is used for idling stop feature.

In Indonesia, Honda Motorcycles, better known as Varian Clik Honda Vario
and in the near future in Indonesia PT ATPM Honda will introduce a scooter 125i 125i because it looks like Vario Techno Clik.
I read this info from online media, but I forgot what the second Legal yach

Bit of information overload motorcycle that uses PGM-FI technology, or better known as injection motorcycle honda efficient delivery of only the best price:
Injection bike more because Green can hit up to the point of maximal C02 thus reducing excessive air pollution caused by exhaust from the motorcycle.
More Powerful because it is governed by the combustion system and a sophisticated computer system.
Easier in terms of treatment due to an electronic control system in the PGM-FI MIL (Malfuction Indicator Lamp) to identify a mechanical problem with the blinking lights that help maintenance becomes easier. see the lights just stay normal or whether there are obstacles for all-round set komputeras
More Efficient Fuel or fuel because Pengendalikan optimal composition of the fuel supply with oxygen to produce an optimal combustion.

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